When traveling with your osteoarthritic (OA) dog, there are certain suggestions and considerations you should know about before departing. Review this list to ensure that you are prepared to help her travel in comfort.

Taking your OA dog on a trip? Here are some things to consider:

  • If it has been awhile since your last vet visit, schedule a health visit to make sure their OA is well managed and general health status is good for a trip..
  • Long trips = sore joints
  • Get a dog bed with thick padding for the car.
  • Schedule time in your car ride to stop several times a day for leash walks.
  • If your pet can’t walk or stand very long due to later stage OA, passive range of motion during your stops can help get the joints moving.
  • Many hotels are pet friendly. Find one that welcomes both you and your OA pet.
  • If your dog is on NSAIDs or other medications for their OA, make sure you give this medication in a timely manner so it will be working while they are in the car.
  • Watch for signs of pain or discomfort and contact your veterinarian if problems occur.

Leaving your dog with a caregiver while you travel? Click here for tips to help you travel with peace of mind.