When leaving your osteoarthritic (OA) dog with a caregiver while you travel, these suggestions will help you do so with peace of mind. Print out this list to ensure that your pet’s caregiver is informed and prepared to care for her.

Leaving your OA dog with a caregiver? Here are some things to consider:

  • Make a list of medications your pet is on and what dose needs to be given per day.
  • Make a list of OA exercises that should be continued while you are on vacation. If you have a pet sitter, have them come over for instructions of how to properly do these exercises. 
  • Make a list of contacts for the caregiver. Include not only your contact information but also that of a family member or friend that they can contact if you can not be reached.
  • Ask your vet if you can add a family member or friend as a contact person on your pet’s chart. This should be someone you would trust to make medical decisions in your absence.
  • Make sure your caregiver has the name and contact information of your vet as well as your preferred after-hours vet clinic.
  • Lastly, make a list of signs the caregiver should watch for that could indicate that your pet is either in discomfort or having health issues.
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